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High availability and fault resilient infrastructure are deployed to guarantee our objective of over 100 million sessions per day in VAS payload aggregation and distribution to mobile networks

  • Web based SMS, USSD and IVR solution development with no programming
  • Web based administration
    • Multiple SMS, MMS services
    • Multiple Operators and Service Providers
    • Multi-level of Resellers
    • Management of user access roles
  • Web based application designer
    • Scripts design
    • Access to external content servers
    • Test and simulation environment
  • Reporting
    • CDR generation for billing purposes and reconciliation
    • Auditing and transaction logging
  • Open Platform
  • Modular and scalable architecture
  • Connects to Operators using HTTP, XML-RPC, SOAP, Proprietary interfaces: Ericsson-HXC, wifi-networks, True light footprint, Linux/windows based platform
  • Embedded SS7 stacks
    • SIGTRAN stacks: M2PA or M3UA
    • TDM-E1 interface for the SS7 link(s), and/or ISDN connections, and/or VOIP connections

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